The Building Process: An Overview

Thinking about building or renovating? Drive around some neighborhoods and look at existing homes, browse the Internet, flip through magazines and gather ideas of what you want and need. It's your dream... Meisner & Zwicker Construction Ltd. can help you make it a reality!

Building a home is quite involved and requires a team approach. Below are outlines of the main stages:

Where do I start?

When thinking of building a new home there are so many things to consider such as financing the project.

Before starting, a trip to a financial institution to be pre-qualified for a mortgage, will give you a budget range of what you can do. You will have to decide where you would like to live when purchasing a building lot, which, will have to have an Access to Highway and if not in a town, an On-Site Septic Approval. Before you can apply for a Development Permit and a Building Permit you must have a set of building plans and specifications. A lot of these items still apply to renovations, additions and garages. For such a large financial purchase, you should choose a reliable company that you can trust and feel comfortable working closely with throughout the whole process. With a track record to prove it, Meisner & Zwicker Construction Ltd. is the best choice for you.

Why not contact us for an estimate?

Let's figure out the details!

Meisner & Zwicker Construction Ltd. provides in-house custom designs, if you do not already have home plans or they need to be modified we can do this for you. We can also start from scratch and use only your sketches, ideas, wants and needs and put them on paper. When formulating a set of plans you will have to decide on the number and size of rooms, how many levels of living space, the shape and style of your home. The window and door sizes and locations, siding and roof type and color along with interior color, lighting, flooring, interior trim, cabinets and bathroom fixtures have to all be considered. The design and orientation will also effect heating, cooling and ventilation choices as well as energy efficiency. These are all exciting choices which we can help you decide on, to turn your dreams into reality, right before your eyes.

Lets get started!

Let's build something!

After the contract is signed we can begin construction by first excavating the site and installing the footings and foundation. The main floor system will be installed before back-filling can commence. The exterior walls will then go up and the roof will be installed. Once the roof is tight, the windows and doors will be installed as well as the concrete basement floor poured if applicable. The exterior finishings (i.e. siding, brick, etc.) and interior framing is completed next, followed by the decks, rough-ins for electrical, heating, plumbing, communications, security, etc. The septic system and well are completed at different stages along the way. Now the insulation is installed, then drywall, which will need to be filled and painted. Now we are ready for the interior trims and doors, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, closet shelving, light fixtures and finished flooring. The final touches will be painting, plumbing fixtures, electrical plugs and switches before we hand over the keys along with the closing documents, including the warranties.

Now you can enjoy your new home!

We have you covered!

If any issues, problems or questions arise about your new home after moving in, please give us a call. Your home is enrolled with the Atlantic Home Warranty Program, with warranty coverage and performance guidelines for your peace of mind. There are also various product warranties throughout your home.

We pride ourselves in our post move-in service.

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