Construction: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you build ICF?

No. Our basements are placed in concrete forms. The forms are removed when the concrete has cured. You can actually see the concrete to ensure the structural integrity. The exterior wall of the main levels are wood construction with 1" lumber sheathing, not OSB. Wood building materials, which are produced locally, are a renewable resource and have a lower carbon footprint than the alternative choices. Another advantage is if any changes are made during construction they can be easily be made at a much lower cost, not to mention the savings on any future renovations.

Cleaner and Greener, "Wood First" has always been our policy.

Will my home be energy efficient?

Yes. Being a R2000 builder, all our homes are constructed with the detail for air tightness and insulation detail. All our complete new homes are enrolled into "Energuide For New Homes". The insulation levels, heating options, energy usage, etc. can be adjusted to suit your budget and lifestyle.

Do I need to set up an account at the Building Supply store?

No. We will look after the materials and sub-contractors. We also have some materials inventoried at our warehouse.

Do you have a Warranty?

Yes. All our substantially completed homes are enrolled into Atlantic Home Warranty Program. We also follow their guidelines for renovations as well.

Do I need plans?

No. Although plans are an asset, if you don't have any we have on staff an estimator/ designer. We can put your ideas and sketches on paper. If you have plans that are not quite right , we can redesign those as well. We can also look after the permits or steer you in the right direction.

What is the best heat source?

Everybody has different lifestyles and preferences so one heat source being better than another is not the case. Everything will have to be factored in and together we can arrive at the best heat source for you.


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